UNICOR introduces novel multilayer extrusion tools for electrical conduits

UNICOR is well-known for its range of corrugators for the production of corrugated pipes from as small as 3 mm up to 2,400 mm. The company is also a leading manufacturer of die heads for corrugated pipes. The company has now launched two new multilayer extrusion tools for the production of multilayer electrical conduits.

Single and double-layer electrical conduits

The SWP 58-2L die head is specially designed for the manufacture of electrical conduit. Both single-layer and double-layer conduits can be produced with PE/PP/PA and PVC/ABS materials. The modular designed die head allows fast and simple changeover to single layer pipe production.
Extrusion system for multi-layer corrugated pipes

Multilayer electrical conduits

The TWP 90/160/270 was specifically developed for the production of double wall corrugated pipes, particularly for underground use. Corrugated outer layer can be manufactured using two different materials. This allows the pipe manufacturer to use recycled material while maintaining the color classification of the pipe types. To accomplish this, a new distribution system is employed. It provides very good pre-distribution of the material which in turn provides the thinnest cover layers and optimal color coverage.


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