Spiral-Wound and CIPP Technologies for water & gas pipes

  • Sekisui SPR shows new developments at Wasser Berlin International
  • Spiral-Wound lining systems for pipes up to 5,500 mm
  • Cured-in-Place-Pipe for trenchless rehabilitation

At this year’s Wasser Berlin International, Sekisui SPR is exhibiting the latest technologies for the trenchless rehabilitation of pressure pipes and gravity pipes. On the topic of pipe rehabilitation in the pressure range, the company will display the Nordpipe and Tubetex CIPP liners for the rehabilitation of drinking water pipes. Whereas the needled felt liner Nordpipe is structurally self-supporting due to its glass-fibre reinforcement, the seamlessly woven polyester yarn Tubetex liner acts as an inner lining for the host pipe.

Spiral-Wound pipe technology is the main focus of the presentation on gravity pipes. Sewer or service water pipelines with diameters of 150 to 5,500 mm and circular or non-circular shapes can be rehabilitated with four different Spiral-Wound lining systems. The technologies are based on the principle of winding a continuous plastic strip to a liner directly into the deteriorated pipe. The plastic strip is spirally wound via a patented winding machine positioned in the base of an existing manhole or access chamber. The edges of the strip interlock and form a continuous watertight liner inside the host pipe.

The CIPP liner NORDIPIPE and TUBETEX rehabilitate drinking water, water or gas pipes up to nominal diameters of 1400 mm (source: Sekisui SPR)

The CIPP liner Nordpipe and Tubetex rehabilitate drinking water, water or gas pipes up to nominal diameters of 1400 mm (source: Sekisui SPR)

Nordpipe, a Cured-in-Place-Pipe, was developed for the trenchless rehabilitation of drinking water and service pipes up to 1,400 mm diameter. The fibreglass-reinforced liner is designed as fully structural component and can resist internal pressure up to 25 bar. The seamlessly woven polyester liner Tubetex represents an adhesive inner lining of the existing drinking water pipe with diameters of 100 to 1,200 mm. It provides sealing, corrosion protection and increases the hydraulic capabilities after installation. Using the Hytrel coating, Tubetex is also a solution for gas pipes in need of rehabilitation.

Main picture-on top: The Nordpipe liner (CIPP) rehabilitates drinking water pipes ranging from 150 mm to 1400 mm  (source: Sekisui SPR)


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