Reiloy Westland introduces new mixer design

  • Introduction of new, patent pending mixer design concept
  • New machine and building for Reiloy Westland
  • Reiloy Westland at #NPE2015

Reiloy Westland is presenting the latest developments in screw design and wear protection at the current #NPE2015, including a new, patent pending mixer concept.

Introduction of patent pending, mixer design concept

In 1991 the Eagle mixing screw was introduced to the market. Over the last 24 years the Eagle design has been continually refined, allowing its use with the widest range of resins in the plastics industry. As a low shear mixer, its ability to provide both dispersive and distributive mixing, improve isothermal melt quality and increase throughput make it the “go to” mixer for many processors.

Eagle mixing screw from Reiloy Westland

Eagle mixing screw from Reiloy Westland (source: Reiloy Westland)

At #NPE2015, the company introduces a new patent pending, mixer design concept. With minor modifications, it is anticipated that the mixer will be utilized in injection molding, extrusion, injection blow and other plastics processing applications. The projected quality mixing obtained without introducing excessive shear will offer improved profitability for processors.

New mixer from Reiloy Westland

New mixer from Reiloy Westland (source: Reiloy Westland)


New machine and building for Reiloy Westland

Reiloy Westland Corporation will take delivery on a Weingärtner mpmc 600-6000 Machine in July 2015. This 5 axis, multi-purpose machining center will be used in the manufacturing of both barrels and screws. It also increases the dimensional capacity of products manufactured by Reiloy Westland Corporation.

Weingärtner mpmc 600-6000 machine

Weingärtner mpmc 600-6000 machine (source: Reiloy Westland)

The new machine will arrive in time to be placed in Reiloy Westland’s new facility, slated for completion in June 2015. The 55,000 sq ft facility is over double the size of Reiloy Westland’s current location.

NPE app for customers and show attendees

Reiloy Westland has also introduced a NPE 2015 App. Show attendees will find this helpful in planning and attending #NPE 2015. It also contains technology tools developed to assist attendees in navigating the show. The link to this app:


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