PE-RT pipes extruded at 40m/min

  • PE-RT Type II resin for multilayer composite pipes
  • Combination of good processability with elevated temperature performance

Polish hot & cold pipe system manufacturer Sigma-Li has been operating on the market of welded polypropylene systems since 1995. In 2013, in response to the rapidly growing central heating market, the company expanded its offer to complete surface and radiator central heating systems. The used pipes are manufactured of PE-RT Type II resin and butt-welded aluminium foil. The company uses PE-RT material from Total in combination with a battenfeld-cincinnati extrusion line to produce 16-mm diameter HDPE-aluminium composite pipes at high line speeds of 40 m/min.

Combination of good processability with elevated temperature performance

XSene XRT70 is a PE-RT (PE with Raised Temperature resistance) Type II HDPE produced using Total’s Advanced Double Loop technology. High extrusion speeds, one of the key requirements when it comes to PE-RT extrusion, can be reached at low extrusion temperatures and without any melt fracture, while keeping a good surface finish. Sigma-Li is running the material on a recently installed battenfeld-cincinnati uniEX 45-30 line, one of the most advanced in Europe.


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