Masimba launches $1m HDPE pipe plant in Zimbabwe

  • Production of HDPE pipes between 110 to 400 mm
  • Capacity increase by 30%
  • Significant market share in the SADC region

Masimba Holdings Limited has invested USD 1 million in a new pipe production plant for the production of HDPE pipes with diameters between 110 to 400 mm. The HDPE pipes are used for water supply, water, mine, slurry and gas reticulation.

At the official opening of the HDPE plant the company stated that the plant has a capacity of over 200 tonnes of HDPE pipes per month. This will increase the capacity at Proplastics by 30% and for the first time in Zimbabwe, HDPE pipes of up to 400mm in diameter can be offered. Previously Masimba Holdings had been producing HDPE pipes of up to 160mm to complement its PVC pipes that range from 19 to 400mm. Proplastic is a subsidiary of Masimba.

Proplastics is a leading supplier of plastic pipe systems for water and sewer reticulation to the Zimbabwe and Southern African markets. Established in 1965, Proplastics has over 46 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. Proplastics’ vision is to be the market leader in pipe systems solutions in Zimbabwe with a significant market share in the SADC region. Key markets are in the areas of irrigation, mining and civil engineering, telecommunications, building and plumbing.


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