Mould cooling system reduces cooling & cycle times

  • Mould cooling system reduces cooling & cycle times by up to 20%
  • Also suitable for difficult-to-process plastic materials, e.g. polyphenylsulfone
  • Moulds available for fittings in diameter range of 12mm to 630mm

The Xpress Cooling System (XCS) and the iCompact Pull System (CPS) of Austrian company Ifw mould tec help to improve cooling and production efficiency during fitting production. The high precision moulds of the company are also suitable for difficult-to-process plastic materials and available in a diameter range of up to 630mm.

Xpress Cooling System

The Xpress Cooling System (XCS) ensures an even temperature distribution, which subsequently results in uniform cooling of both cores and cavities, minimising stress and component deformation. Suitable for basically all materials, this additional feature claims to reduce the cooling times and cycle times by up to 20%. Depending on the application, a special coating can be applied to the cores to reduce friction and enable better demoulding at higher temperatures.

Compact Pull System

The Compact Pull System (CPC) results in compact moulds with hydraulic pullers that can be easily installed even in small machines. The hydraulic cylinder no longer needs to be dismantled for storage purposes or when installing it in a machine the mould can be stored as a complete unit. The main advantages of this system are precise, maintenance free core pulling, slim design and shorter set-up times.

Fittings for drinking water supply systems

Fittings for drinking water supply systems (photo: Ifw Manfred Otte)

Optimised mould design – also for polyphenylsulfone

The company also supplies moulds for difficult-to-process materials such as the high temperature resistant polyphenylsulfone (PPSU). The high-precision moulds of the company claim to guarantee that the fi ttings do not decompose or undergo any damage during production. The company can also carry out tests in its own test centre, including DSC analysis, MFR determination, tensile and part testing, such as time to failure under internal pressure. They are carried out in-house in compliance with various standards such as ISO EN 1167, ASTM D1598/99.

The moulds are available for fittings in the diameter range of 12mm to over 630mm and can be used for plug-in, cemented, screwed, welded, press and clamp connections. The range of parts includes elbows, tees, sockets, reducers, end caps, connectors, weld saddles, adaptors, among others.

Main Picture: Harald Schicklgruber (Sales Director, Ifw Mould Tec) next to mould with shortened core puller for production of fittings


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