High-pressure pipe system plays off its strength

  • Operating pressures of 30 bar for water, 16 bar for gas
  • Suitable for trenchless installation
  • DVGW Certificate for high-pressure pipe system

A special PE strapping reinforcement incorporated into the HexelOne high-pressure pipe system of German Egeplast allows operating pressures of 30 bar for water and 16 bar for gas, thus exceeding the range of applications previously covered by PE pipes. Owing to their protective layer and inner layer made of PE 100-RC, these pipes are suitable for trenchless installation. Now the HexelOne high-pressure pipe system has been certified by the DVGW for gas and drinking water applications.

Stability twice as high as provided by PE-100 full-wall pipes

The stability achieved by the HexelOne pipe with its reinforcement layer of high-strength PE strapping is twice as high as the one provided by PE-100 full-wall pipes. The DVGW certificate for drinking water covers dimensions from d 90 mm to d 125 mm. In addition, HexelOne gas pipes have been certified for up to d 160 mm.

HexelOne high-pressure pipe system

The HexelOne high-pressure pipe system for trenchless installation in the high pressure range has been awarded the DVGW certificate for gas and drinking water applications (source: Egeplast)

Suitable for trenchless installation

The corrosion resistance of these pipes makes cathodic corrosion protection redundant and permits the use of modern installation techniques which shorten construction time while at the same time reducing construction costs.


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