First stretchable woven reinforcement for renovating Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP)

  • Trenchless technology with optimized sleeve thickness
  • Reduced weight and thickness for faster installations

At JEC World 2016, the company Chomarat will unveil its new glass fibre reinforcement Rovicut. The technology stretches to hug the curves of pipes and conduits that need to be rehabilitated, without sacrificing mechanical performance. Chomarat developed the technology in collaboration with Reline Europe, a leading manufacturer of sleeves for the in situ repair of pipes.

Rovicut Technology

Trenchless technology with optimized sleeve thickness

Trenchless technology using cured-in-place pipes (CIPP) consists of manufacturing sleeves from glass fibre reinforcements, coating them with resin, installing them inside a damaged pipe system and curing them under ultraviolet light. The pipes are renovated without opening up a trench, so there is no noise disturbance or dirt, and road traffic is not perturbed. Rovicut is special as the sleeve thickness is optimized to make it more lightweight, thus making it easier to handle and install, with faster UV cure.

Rovicut Installation

Rovicut was designed specifically for Reline’s new Alphaliner 1800 line dedicated to large diameter pipes. Because it is stretchable, Rovicut takes the exact shape of the worn pipes, increasing the mechanical performance without adding too much thickness to the pipe interior.

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