First Reimotec strapping tape line for PP and PET installed in China

  • Complete strapping tape line with twin screw extruder
  • Production speeds of 200 m/min, output rates of 500 kg/h
  • No predrying of PET material necessary

A major Chinese producer of strapping tapes has expanded its production capacities by the addition of a Reimotec high-performance line for the production of PP and PET strapping tapes. The line can reach production speeds of 200 m/min and output rates of 500 kg/h.

The Reimotec line is provided with a co-rotating twin-screw extruder with vacuum venting which offers economic benefits, especially when PET strapping tapes are produced. Contrary to single-screw systems, there is no need for an expensive predrying of the material. The initial investment in twin-screw technology is more expensive. However, the higher costs will pay off rapidly due to the savings in energy and high flexibility with regard to the raw materials. Producers using direct extrusion, are able to cut their production costs in the medium term, according to Reimotec. A screen changer with backflush system increases uptimes of the line when processing contaminated raw materials.

Today, strapping tapes increasingly replace steel hoops in many fields, for instance in the paper, textile, construction and steel industries, since PET tapes used in packaging applications are not only more cost-efficient, but can also be handled much safer by the end user.

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