Extrusion Processing Guide: PE-LD – Low-density polyethylene

 Processing Guide: PE-LD – Low-density polyethylene
 Extruder: Single Screw Extruder with vacuum, grooved feeding section
 Screw Design: Barrier Screw, 25-30 L/D
 Compression Ratio: 3,5:1
 Cylinder Temperatures: 170-200°C
 Melt Temperature: 180-210°C
 Pre-Drying: No,
3 hours at 80°C (176°F) for regrind
 Miscellaneous: slip additivated PE-LD as blend partner gives 10-20% higher specific output
Larger screw diameter : continuously two channels (improved conveying in feeding section)
Note: This is meant as a general guide. Please consult your material and machinery representative.

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