Large diameter pipe extrusion line able to produce 2,500 mm PE pipes at 3 t/h

  • More than 100 PO/PVC large diameter pipe extrusion lines installed
  • Able to handle PO lines up to 2,500 mm & PVC lines up to 1,600 mm
  • Battenfeld-cincinnati now with YouTube channel

Battenfeld-cincinnati can be considered as a market leader when it comes to complete extrusion lines for large diameter pipes. So far the company has installed more than 100 PO and PVC pipe extrusion lines for diameters of 800 mm and above. Due to the many years of experience in the production of extruders, extrusion dies and downstream equipment, battenfeld-cincinnati is in a position to handle throughputs of up to 3 t/h and pipe diameters of up to 2,500 mm.

Large diameter haul-off

An haul-off for large pipes with diameters of up to 2,500 mm (source: Battenfeld-cincinnati)


PVC pipes of up to 1,600 mm in diameter are feasible

Most of the more than 100 large diameter pipe extrusion lines installed are laid out specially for polyolefin processing. Large diameter pipe extrusion lines for PVC pipes have already been installed for diameters of up to 1,300 mm, dimensions of up to 1,600 mm are feasible. With the twinEX extruder models 135, 148 and 173, the company offers a range of large machines specially developed for the gentle processing of PVC. In order to achieve an optimal wall thickness distribution, double spider dies are employed.

Most lines installed in Europe & Near/Middle East

The large diameter pipe extrusion lines for polyolefin processing are installed worldwide, primarily in Europe and in the Near and Middle East. As many as 10% of these lines are actually laid out for pipe diameters above 2,000 mm. Pipes of such dimensions are being used increasingly as substitutes for concrete and metal pipes for fresh water and waste water transportation.

large diameter pipe line from UPI

Union Pipes Industry (UPI) in the United Arab Emirates operates a 2,000-mm large-diameter pipe extrusion line from Battenfeld-cincinnati (source: UPI)

Union Pipes Industry (UPI) featured in YouTube video

The customer Union Pipes Industry (UPI), located in the United Arab Emirates, has a 2,000 mm large diameter pipe extrusion line from Battenfeld-cincinnati. In a youtube video, Mohámed Hageb, General Manager of UPI, explains the reasons of UPI management’s decision in favor of the Austrian-German machine manufacturer: “Besides quality attributes such as excellent wall thickness distribution and low ovality, we have come to appreciate above all the energy efficiency of the line and its reduced overall length. With its tooling concept, which includes efficient internal pipe cooling, this large diameter pipe extrusion line can operate with a shorter cooling section than conventional models. This saves us production hall space, energy and material as well, thanks to the optimal pipe dimensions. These are prime conditions for cost-efficient production of large-diameter pipes.”

A large diameter PO pipe extrusion line in operation at UPI can be viewed on battenfeld-cincinnati’s new youtube channel.

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