Extrusion 2015 Conference: event of the year for extrusion processors

  • Presentations from more than 60 technical experts
  • 40 companies will be exhibiting at event
  • Topics: sheet /film, pipe/profile/tubing & compounding

The Extrusion 2015 Conference is a first-of-its kind conference devoted to all aspects of extrusion processing and will take place in Charlotte, N.C. on Nov. 2-3, 2015. Organized by Plastics Technology, this two-day conference features presentations from more than 60 technical experts, covering technical and business issues common to all types of extrusion. The morning sessions on each day will include presentations on general extrusion topics. During each afternoon there will be three concurrent breakout sessions: film/sheet, pipe/profile/tubing and compounding.

Morning Session (General)
Screw-design basics, troubleshooting conveying systems, new developments in filtration and melt-pump technologies, how to make more efficient use of reclaim, new approaches to foaming, among others.

Sheet /film
Best practices in winding, drying, purging, product changeovers, and troubleshooting issues such as gels and black specs, as well as new developments in no-dry systems for PET, among others.

Best practices in quick changeovers, drying, downstream systems for sizing, pulling and cutting, and “direct” extrusion technology that combines compounding with pipe processing, among others.

Presentations on running filled compounds, conveying dusty materials like TiO2, new developments in pelletizing, new developments in single-screw compounding, plus troubleshooting tips on venting, dust removal, among others.

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