DSM: PA Insulating profiles for aluminium windows


DSM says producers of aluminium window systems can make more sustainable products by using insulating profiles made from its EcoPaXX polyamide (PA) 410, a polymer with a biobased content of 70%. The material is said to answer the increasing need for the use of sustainable raw materials in buildings. Approximately 70% of the polymers building blocks are derived from the castor plant (Ricinus Communis), a renewable resource. EcoPaXX has been proven to be carbon neutral from cradle to gate, says DSM, meaning that the carbon dioxide (CO2) generated in producing the polymer is completely compensated by the CO2 absorbed during plant growth.

Its high melting point of 250°C is said to enable it to pass through the powder coating process in a fully assembled aluminium frame, facilitating the assembly process. EcoPaXX is said to offer good hydrolysis and chemical resistance and lower moisture absorption than PA66. Window profiles incorporating EcoPaXX can be designed to conform to requirements laid down in EN14024 standard, which sets requirements for mechanical performance of metal profiles with thermal barrier.


EcoPaXX in insulating profiles for aluminium windows (photo: DSM Engineering)


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