Battenfeld-Cincinnati sells 2,600mm pipe line to Hyundai Pipe

  • First polyolefin solid-wall pipe line for 2,600 m pipes sold
  • South Korean pipe manufacturer Hyundai Pipe exapands capacity

The South Korean pipe manufacturer Hyundai Pipe Co., Ltd. (Hyundai Pipe) from Sang Ju City will expand its capacity and pipe range by installing an extrusion line for the production of 2,600mm solid-wall polyolefin pipes at the end of this year. Key components of this extrusion line will be supplied by Battenfeld-Cincinnati, Austria/Germany.

Hyundai Pipe: eight extrusion lines with production capacity of 22,000 t/p.a.

Hyundai Pipe is among the five largest manufacturers of pipes in South Korea and currently produces pipes in dimensions ranging from 100 to 1,500 mm for transporting fresh and waste water and for applications in the petrochemical industry. The company, which is certified according to DIN ISO 9001 and 14001, supplies both large companies such as ExxonMobil and Shell as well as small companies. Hyundai Pipe’s production plant is currently equipped with eight extrusion lines in total, thereof three from Battenfeld-Cincinnati, and has a production capacity of 22,000 t/p.a.

2,500mm pipe die head

Battenfeld-Cincinnati has delivered already several lines for 2,500mm. Here the assembly of a 2,500mm pipe head (source : Battenfeld-Cincinnati)

40 L/D single screw extruder provides output of 2,200 kg/h

The line is equipped with a solEX 120-40 extruder, which provides an output level of 2,200 kg/h. The Helix VSI-T+ pipe head features low pressure build-up and operation independent of viscosity with its combination of a spiral mandrel for initial melt distribution and a compact lattice basket for fine dispersion. The EAC (efficient air cooling) internal pipe cooling system enables high line speeds. It also results in a shortened cooling section and thus a shorter total line length, which was a particular important point for Hyundai Pipe.

Main Picture: Hyundai Pipe Standort in Sang Ju City (source: Hyundai Pipe)

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