Alpha Extruder

Battenfeld-Cincinnati has revised best-selling single screw extruder Alpha

  • More compact drive system
  • New frequency converter for more accurate screw speed regulation
  • Available as cash-&-carry products worldwide

Over 12 years in the market, more than 750 units sold: Battenfeld-Cincinnati, Bad Oeynhausen/Vienna, now offers its best-selling Alpha single screw extruder for technical profiles and small pipes with technical improvements.

In comparison to the predecessor models, the revised alpha extruders are now equipped with a new, extremely compact drive system. Due to the smaller drive unit and a redesigned sub-structure, the extruder has become more space-saving. Other changes include a new frequency converter built in for even more accurate regulation of the screw speed.  And the temperature controllers are equipped with a fast self-tuning function and have an integrated on/off function as well. Another operator-friendly feature is the extruder’s warning light in traffic-light colours. The green light signals that the extruder is operating trouble-free, orange stands for conditions requiring the machine operator’s attention, red indicates a need for immediate intervention.

The changes cover all models of the alpha range, which are available as cash-&-carry products worldwide and for delivery at short notice. All other features of the machine have remained unchanged. Alpha extruders are available in the sizes alpha 45, 60 and 75, either with smooth or grooved feed zones.

Picture: Rear view of alpha 45, which has become more space-saving due to its compact drive (source: Battenfeld-Cincinnati)

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