Battenfeld-Cincinnati China runs PE-RT pipe at 40 m/min

  • Speed of 40 m/min for 20 x 2.3 mm PE-RT pipe surpasses Chinese competitors
  • 400 mm PE pipe extrusion at 1,200 kg/h with 45% reduced cooling length
  • Battenfeld-Cincinnati holds Open House in China

PE-RT pipes are popular in China. They are used as cost-effective alternative in hot water applications. In order to be competitive, pipes have to be extruded at high speed and with an extremely smooth surface. At an  Open House on 21-22 May 2015 in, Shunde, China, Battenfeld-Cincinnati demonstrated the high-speed extrusion of PE-RT pipes at 40 m/min line speed. In addition, the company demonstrated how the cooling length of a 400 mm PE line can be reduced by 45%.

Speed matters – PE-RT pipe extrusion

Visitors of the Open House witnessed the extrusion of a 20 x 2.3 mm PE-RT pipe with very smooth inner and outer surface layer at 40 m/min, a speed that surpasses Chinese competitors and stands up to international comparison. The used raw material was XSense XRT 70/PE-RT II by company Total.

400 mm HDPE pipe extrusion at 1,200 kg/h with 45% reduced cooling length

Battenfeld-Cincinnati China also demonstrated live the extrusion of a 400 x 36.3 mm (SDR11) HDPE pipe at 1,200 kg/h. The pipe die was equipped with an EAC (Efficient Air Cooling) internal cooling system which allows the reduction of the total cooling length by 45%, from conventional 85 to only 47 meters. The pipe die with internal cooling also ensures very smooth pipe surfaces, optimal wall thickness distribution and roundness.

Together with Piovan, the company also presented a new material drying technology which was designed to be used with the EAC pipe head concept. The drying system utilizes waste heat from the extrusion process to pre-dry raw material in order to save energy. The energy consumption per ton PE production was stated at only 268 KWH which is significantly lower than conventional PE pipe lines operated in China. The used material was BorSafe HE3490-LS from Borouge. It was also mentioned that the line on display had been sold to Hebei Blucicin Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. (the customer bought its first 32 mm PBOB pipe line from Battenfeld-Cincinnati China in 2013.

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