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Battenfeld-Cincinnati China: Major contract for 25 pipe extrusion lines

  • Supply of 14 HDPE & 11 PVC extrusion lines
  • PO pipe head with internal pipe cooling system
  • Energy consumption as a main focus

For the new plant of a leading pipe manufacturer in China, the company Battenfeld-Cincinnati Extrusion Systems Ltd in Foshan, China has delivered 25 pipe extrusion lines.

14 of the 25 pipe extrusion lines for the manufacturing of HDPE pipes in a diameter range from 125 to 1,600 mm are equipped with helix VSI-T pipe dies incorporating the so-called EAC (Efficient Air Cooling) system. This internal pipe cooling system cools the pipe from both inside and outside and enables the production of pipes within very narrow tolerance ranges. And as the cooling of the pipe starts already in the pipe die, the cooling downstream is significantly shorter. The remaining 11 extrusion lines are for the manufacturing of PVC pipes in a diameter range from 500 to 1,200 mm.

The extruders are produced locally in China and adapted to the local demands and price level. However, there are major advantages compared to extruders supplied by most local Chinese competitors: higher overall quality of the manufactured pipes and lower energy consumption. For example, the energy consumption for producing 1 ton of PE pipe is about 200 kWh less, compared to the local competitors. Main reasons are the extruders’ high output and the energy-efficient AC motor built in as standard.

The German-Austrian machine manufacturer’s subsidiary in China was established 18 years ago to produce extrusion components and complete extrusion lines for the Chinese market. The company currently employs 180 people and contributes about 25 % to the group’s total sales. The focus is on customized extrusion systems for the Chinese market. This includes, for example, the floor heating pipe sector, where the company covers the high-end segment with its multi-layer pipe extrusion lines. 18 coextrusion lines to produce PB pipes with EVOH oxygen barriers have already been sold. PE-RT pipe extrusion lines for the lower price segment and PEXa pipe extrusion lines for the medium price segment are also part of the product range.

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