Victrex opens $25 PEEK film plant

  • Strong demand for thin, tough and flexible film
  • Film can be produced down to 6µm thickness
  • Applications: aerospace, automotive, electronics, incl. smartphones

A new manufacturing plant for PEEK-based thermoplastic films was officially opened last week by UK Chancellor George Osborne. Victrex has invested $25 million (£16 million) in a new facility, including a second film production line, to increase its APTIV film capacity to meet the demand for extremely thin and durable thermoplastic film.

Strong demand from aerospace to smartphones

According to the company, the demand for PEEK-based high-performance film is continuously rising worldwide across industries like aerospace, automotive or electronics. The demand is also driven by trends in portable consumer electronics to improve sound quality and performance, with enhanced user functionality in lighter and smaller products. Already today, the thin and flexible film is used in millions of smartphones´ speaker diaphragms, but also in aerospace applications, and in electrical drive and generator systems in the automotive and energy sector. APTIV film can be produced down to 6µm thickness, features high dielectric strength and high heat resistance (e.g. withstands lead-free solder processing up to 300°C (572 °F).

Victrex is also investing $141 million (£90 million) in its third PEEK manufacturing plant at its facility in Thornton Cleveleys, UK. The plant will begin operation in early 2015.

Picture: UK Chancellor George Osborne officially opens Victrex’s new film plant (source: Victrex)


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