Three-layer 40µm film features oxygen-absorbing properties

  • Films with A/B/A and A/B/C structures
  • Pinholes can be compensated
  • Additional benefit: reduced sulfur content in wine packaging

Albis Plastic and Jura-Plast have cooperated to develop three-layer LDPE and PP films with oxygen-absorbing properties. The PE film can be used in bag-in-box applications, as lamination film for pouches, or as abarrier lid film. The PP variety is intended for use in sterilizing pouches and top films. It is available as either permanent-sealing or with “peel” against PP. Corona pre-treatment is also available on both films.

Films with A/B/A and A/B/C structures

Very good dispersion of the iron-based absorber makes it possible to go into layers just 20µm thick. An PE- or PP-based film of this type with an A/B/A structure has a total thickness of only 40µm. Other layer thicknesses are possible as well. Films are also available with an A/B/C structure. The A/B/A Shelfplus O2 film enables bag, standup-pouch and lid-film manufacturers to realize active-packaging projects easily, even without their own extrusion operations, according to Jura-Plast.

two plastic roll for packaging machin

Pinholes can be compensated

The trend towards more natural foods with fewer preservatives, additives and dyes means increasing oxygen sensitivity, which is another reason to use oxygen absorbers. Even small seal defects of up to 10µm, so-called “pinholes”, can be compensated over a longer period of time by using Shelfplus film.

Additional benefit: reduced sulfur content in wine packaging

At the moment, Albis and Jura-Plast are working with German and French wine fillers to test Shelfplus films as inner bags for bag-in-box wine packaging. The goal is to increase shelf life while also reducing sulfur content. The initial test phase has already shown signs of success. The test bags significantly reduce wine oxygen content compared to standard bags. They also measurably reduce consumption of so-called free sulfurous acids, which underscores the film’s absorbing qualities.

White wine box

The conditions are thus in place for increased wine shelf life even with less added sulfur. This development is particularly interesting for fillers of organic wines, which by nature are filled with less sulfur. European Wine Regulations EG 1493/1999 and EG606/2009 regulate limitations on added sulfurous acid.

Five-layer composite film for cosmetic tubes

The O2 absorber is also currently being tested with other film applications. A five-layer composite film has been equipped with Shelfplus O2 for use in tubes for the cosmetic industry. A Fraunhofer IVV study in this regard demonstrated an absence of oxygen forty-three days after filling.

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