Reifenhauser answers with 11-layer blown film line

  • High production flexibility to serve markets with different products
  • One screw design handles different polyolefin grades and barrier raw materials
  • Curling of the film edges prevented
  • “Blue Extrusion“ to save energy

The need for barrier film is growing worldwide and so are the requirements for film properties in barrier packaging applications. In addition, producers are demanding high production flexibility to serve the market with different products. Reifenhauser Blown Film answers with the development of a highly flexible 11-layer blown film line.

One screw design handles different polyolefin grades and barrier raw materials

For some products, for example, there is no need for the time-consuming and costly laminating step due to a variable choice of layer structures offered by the 11-layer blown film line. And the higher flexibility achieved with more layers often results in a higher overall performance when processing polyolefins, according to the company. In addition, Reifenhäuser has developed a screw design that is able to handle different polyolefin grades and barrier raw materials without modification of the machine. As a result, product changeovers are simplified and also smaller lot sizes of speciality film can be economically produced.

Curling of the film edges prevented

Curling of the film edges, caused by the different speeds at which raw materials cool down, is completely prevented even without using a normally required water bath (critical in regards to hygienic production conditions). Furthermore, the specially developed haul-off (type: Evolution Ultra Flat) ensures high winding quality and fast further processing, such as conversion, laminating and printing. Due to a minimized stretching of the film at the heating-cooling rolls, a uniform flatness of the web can be achieved. For an even distribution of the eleven layers, the company has also developed a special die head which allows a precise adjustment of the layer thicknesses .

“Blue Extrusion“ to save energy

Under the motto “Blue Extrusion“ the company offers energy efficiency measures for their 11-layer line as an option. Investments in such energy efficiency measures pay off fast due to the high operating temperatures of 200 to 270°C required during operation. For example, producers can opt for highly efficient electric motors and gearboxes, insulation/damping of cylinders and heater bands, and a customized design of the complete production line with a focus on energy optimization.

advantages of 11-layer barrier films

At a glance: The advantages of 11-layer barrier films (source: Reifenhauser)

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