3,000mm cast stretch line runs at 600 m/min

  • 3,000 mm wide cast stretch, 7-layer structure, 2,100 kg/h of Power Film
  • Hand, machine and jumbo reels on 2” and 3” cores

The Italian company Colines has manufactured, test-run and delivered the latest version of a 3,000 mm wide cast stretch line series, capable of producing more than 2,100 kg/h of Power Film at running speeds of over 600 m/min.

Hand, machine and jumbo reels on 2” and 3” cores

The ALLrollEX-3000 mm line features two winding units of the AllSpeedy series which are placed on top of each other. This allows to have only one core loading and reel unloading point, and thus to manage the line with less personnel involved. The line can produce hand, machine and jumbo reels on 2” and 3” cores, both of the traditional and of the “thin” type, for instance, in case of 2” shafts, on cores with a weight of 140 gr can be wound.

The line is able to produce 7-layer structures with 6 extruders equipped with IR heaters for low energy consumption (average consumption of the line lower than 0,4 kW/Kg).

Collines Allrolex 3000 line

Further features of the line:

  • ECO-Neck piping system (patent pending) for the extruders for lowest possible power consumption
  • The chill roll unit, consisting of a primary 1400 mm diameter roll and a second 300 mm roll, features a motorized cleaning roll positioning, so the frost line can go down to 5 o’clock, which is an important factor for Super Power film production.

The AllSpeedy winders, for both 2” and 3” cores, allow to:

  • produce rolls from 150 m of length on a 140 g 2” core up to 406 mm diameter on a 3” core, with no tail thanks to our patented system
  • run the multiple formats such as 250, 300, 450, 500, 750 mm with the possibility of running different formats at the same time. This is a worldwide unique feature, according to the company.

The BigMouth recycling system (total power consumption 4 kW) allows to:

  • recycle edge trims in line when running thin metallocene films 8, 10 or 12 microns
  • run 450 mm wide reels with wider trims without deckling the die

Due to the compact design, the space floor needed for the ALLrollEX-3000 line is approx. 180 sqm.

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