Involute extruder screw elements for highly-filled materials

  • Patented cross section design
  • Extruder screw elements for maximum throughputs
  • Higher loading of filler, lower energy consumption (SEI in kWh/kg)

The company Coperion GmbH, Germany, will introduce new involute screw elements for its ZSK extruder series at the upcoming Chinaplas 2017.

Patented cross section design

To significantly increase throughput rates of its ZSK extruder series, the company has developed special involute screw and kneading elements with a new and patented cross section design. These screw elements are ideal for highly-filled recipes (70-85% CaCO3, TiO2, mainly based on PP/PE and 20-50% talc for automotive grades) for which the dispersion rating and the incorporation of the filler represents a limitation. Besides higher throughput rates, these involute screw elements ensure higher loading of filler and lower energy consumption (SEI in kWh/kg).

PP and 70% CaCO3: significant throughput increase from 550 kg/h to 900 kg/h

Tests at Coperion’s test lab in Stuttgart, Germany, showed a remarkable throughput increase depending on the recipe. For example, when processing PP and 70% CaCO3 on a twin screw extruder ZSK 58 Mc18 the new screw elements achieved a significant throughput increase from 550 kg/h to 900 kg/h. Similar results have been reached when processing PE with 80% CaCO3 on a ZSK 92 Mc18. In this case thoughput was increased from 2.200 kg/h to 3.000 kg/h.

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