Anti-static thermoplastic sheet for static-free applications

  • Consistent surface resistivity of 109 – 1011 ohms/square
  • Anti-static properties inherent throughout the sheet
  • Free of carbon-based additives

Engineered Sheet Products (ESP), a division of RTP Company, has developed a thermoplastic sheet with anti-static properties inherent throughout, providing permanent protection from the damaging effects of static electricity and dust.

Antistatic sheet

The clear, anti-static sheet is suitable for dust and static-free applications such as clean rooms, medical equipment, battery cells, and electronic trays.

Consistent surface resistivity of 109 – 1011 ohms/square

Marketed under the name PermaStat sheet, this compounded thermoplastic sheet features consistent surface resistivity of 109 to 1011 ohms/square, making them suitable for OEMs and processors who require best possible ESD protection and dust control. In case higher conductivity and lower surface resistance (107 to 108 ohms/square) are required, the company also offers PermaStat Plus sheet.

Anti-static properties inherent throughout the sheet

PermaStat sheets offer significant benefits over surfactant anti-static coatings. As they are made from thermoplastic compounds, the anti-static properties are inherent throughout the sheet. The sheet maintains ESD protection, even with scratches, wear, machining, or forming. The sheets also function well in low humidity, unlike migratory anti-static agents, which can be removed through product movement, cleaning agents, or evaporation.

Free of carbon-based additives

The sheets are free of carbon-based additives, and do not slough, making them suitable for dust-free environments. They are fully colorable. In addition, they contain no corrosive agents to out-gas on metal components, thereby eliminating costly pre-cleaning steps in electronic assembly operations.

Based on various resin systems, incl. PP, PC, Acrylic, PETG, ABS

PermaStat sheets are available in a variety of resin systems, including PP, PC, Acrylic, PETG, ABS, among others. The sheets can also be customized with structural reinforcements, flame retardant properties, and wear additives.

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