AMUT presents complete extrusion line for corrugated PVC sheets

  • Corrugated PVC liner panels feature very good scratch and chemical resistance
  • Different geometries possible, thickness range from 0.8 up to 2.0 mm

Corrugated PVC liner panels allow efficient roofing and cladding of architectural structures, thus representing a very suitable solution for outdoor applications. The panels have a surface which is easy to clean/sanitize and features very good resistance to chemicals as well as to marking and scratching. In addition, the PVC is non-flammable, rustproof and easy to maintain. To address this trend, AMUT presents its latest development for the production of such corrugated PVC sheets.

AMUT corrugated PVC sheet machinery

The extruders are twin-screw type which are suitable to run different raw material formulations and additives providing UV resistance to the sheet. A horizontal flat die, a calibrating system, a haul-off unit equipped with 3 pairs of rolls and a cutting unit, guillotine type, compose the downstream of the line. The sheets can have different geometries and a thickness range from 0.8 up to 2.0 mm.


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