Aliphatic polyketone : special films with exceptional properties

  • Aliphatic polyketone (PK) films feature very good hydrolysis resistance
  • Application: special films for high-temperature applications

Aliphatic polyketone (PK) compounds exhibit very good hydrolysis resistance. Products manufactured from this material feature very good barrier properties against fuel and oxygen, as well as minimal wear and tear with homogeneous mating and extremely high resilience. Reason enough for Lite GmbH, Austria, to use this material for special films.

Lite GmbH is a producer of special films for use in high-temperature applications. In order to complement the product range, the company manufactures films made from Akrotek PK-HM natural (4773), an aliphatic polyketone from compounder Akro-Plastic. Polyketone film is available in thicknesses of 50 to 500 µm at a maximum width of 400 mm.

Flat film made of PK

Flat film made of Akrotek PK-HM natural (4773) from Lite GmbH

“We were impressed by the material’s exceptional universal property profile. Particularly noteworthy properties include its excellent chemical resistance to fuel and its hydrolysis resistance. High impact strength combined with a low brittle point (-40°C) and a generally good wearing quality round out the versatile material profile. We also see great potential for achieving specific mechanical, thermal or tribological properties using filler-modified grades”, says Mr Daniel, Managing Director at Lite.


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