Teknor Apex: Expanded range of PA compounds


Teknor Apex Company will rebrand its entire range of polyamide (PA) compounds under the Chemlon name and has expanded its product portfolio in Europe by adding dozens of proven PA formulations originally developed by the company in the US.

Teknor Apex supplies European customers from its plant in Oldbury, UK, where it now produces Chemlon PA compounds developed in the UK and in the US. Prior to its acquisition by Teknor Apex, this facility was well known to customers in Europe under the name Chem Polymer. It will continue to manufacture polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and PP compounds under the Beetle brand name, though this will no long be used for PAs. The company supplies PA compounds to many markets, some examples of which are:

? Automotive: many of the Chemlon products developed in the US have a long history of use in powertrain, chassis, exterior, and interior components, with approvals from Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors.

? Consumer, Industrial, Electrical: Chemlon MD82 is a halogen- and phosphorus-free flame retardant moulding grade of PA6 that is used extensively across Europe; it has a UL flame rating of V-0.

? Merchandising and Packaging: Chemlon R106, a 50% glass fibre reinforced PA6 that offers good mechanical performance and surface finish, has a long history in supermarket transportation and other packaging designs.

? Wire Coating: Chemlon MD21 is a medium viscosity grade of PA that has been optimised to ensure adhesion between the wire and the PA at high extrusion line speeds.



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