Solvay Engineering Plastics: Automotive cooling solution


Solvay Engineering Plastics introduced a hydrolysis and road salt resistant polyamide-based Technyl eXten grade for automotive thermal management systems. Initially developed for Japanese and Korean carmakers, this material is said to demonstrate high chemical resistance to calcium chloride, the preferred road salt used in countries with lower freezing temperatures, such as Russia. The material will be used for radiator-end tanks in a future Renault-Nissan platform.

The hydrolysis-resistant Technyl ’34NG’ products ranging from 25 to 50% glass reinforcement are specifically designed for every part in contact with glycol, such as radiator-end tanks, expansion tanks, thermostat housings and oil modules. In addition to assisting Tier one suppliers in the material selection and validation, Solvay Engineering Plastics also provides OEM-approved testing capabilities to validate parts.

A cooling radiator in Technyl from Solvay manufactured by Valeo Thermal Systems (photo: Solvay)


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