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Proell’s core business lies in the development of custom-made chemical products for coating/decorating plastics and other materials, as well as innovative ink systems for in-mould decoration (IMD)/film insert moulding (FIM) technology, and screen and pad printing inks. At K the company will show their new range of products.

Dual-Cure screen printing lacquer

Norilux DC is a formable, abrasion resistant Dual-Cure screen printing lacquer which can be used as protection lacquer or hard coat on polycarbonate (PC) and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) films. It is said to be suited for first surface coating/protection of products manufactured in IMD/FIM technology. The glossy version of the Dual-Cure lacquer can be printed on textured film surfaces to produce abrasion resistant and transparent display windows. The matt version can be printed on uncured transparent hard coat films such as Makrofol HF 278 or 312 to create matt and high gloss effects in one item.

Decorative trims, first surface protected with Norilux DC 5. Second surface decoration was printed with the IMD/FIM ink system Noriphan HTR N. (photos: Proell)


Besides the high glossy Norilux DC-5 lacquer, various matt grades, antimicrobial, UV-stabilised versions are available. The Dual-Cure screen printing lacquer can be used for overprinting silicone-free UV, solvent and water-based screen printing inks (pre-tests required). Norilux DC dries by evaporation of the solvents in jet dryers. Before further processing of the printed films, it is necessary to remove nearly all solvent residues from the layer of lacquer and substrate. Well ventilated box ovens can be used.

Films decorated with Norilux DC can be 3D formed after box oven drying, for example by high pressure forming or thermo forming. Afterwards, the formed films must be UV cured. Depending on the thickness of the lacquer layer, UV doses of 1,200-2,000mJ/cm2 are necessary (Kühnast UVIntegrator, UV 250 to 410nm, max 365nm). The cured lacquer layer is said to show resistances to abrasion, chemicals and cleaning agents and to pass various hand lotion tests of the automobile industry.


Screen inks for IMD/FIM technology

Also on display will be a range of IMD/FIM screen printing inks (Noriphan HTR N and N2K) and adhesion promoters (NoriPress SMK and AquaPress ME) for film insert moulding. The latest development is Noriphan XWR, a halogen-free ink system for IMD/FIM technology. It is said to show high wash-out resistance and outstanding cohesion in compound. The mild two-component screen ink can be used as decorating ink or wash-out protection layer on PC films and PET films. Noriphan XWR can be printed on Noriphan HTR N and N2K and vice versa.


Matt lacquer

Matt Lacquer ATM 1 (solvent-based) and Matt Lacquer ATM WB 5 (water-based) are formable matt lacquer systems for overprinting polycarbonate (PC) film instrument gauges (speedometer panels). Printed films are claimed to be good deep-drawable by vacuum or high pressure forming. Both matt lacquers can be used as well for matting high gloss films made of PC, pre-treated PET and rigid PVC. The screen printed deep matt lacquer surface has a soft grip and is said to show good scratch and chemical resistances.

Speedometer panels decorated with matt lacquer


UV curing screen printing lacquer

NoriCure UV-L 3 is a UV-curing screen printing lacquer showing good scratch and abrasion resistance. The cured surface of the lacquer is claimed to resist even strong wipes with steel wool. The high glossy UV-lacquer is designed for printing on PC films, coated PET films (for instance, Autotype Autoflex EPG 180, Autotex V200), various rigid PVC films and for overprinting of printed products.

The lacquer is used to overprint and protect displays, lenses and panels. The cured lacquer shows resistances to chemicals and cleaning agents. Besides the high glossy NoriCure UV-L3, matt (NoriCure UV-L 3-001) and textured (NoriCure UV-L 3-002) as well as UV-stabilised (NoriCure UV-L 3-003) versions are available.

Decorated PC film partly protected with NoriCure UV-L 3


Live demo

At Proell’s booth, visitors can attend a live demo of the manufacturing of trolley coins to be produced with a Dr. Boy XS injection moulding machine and decorated by film insert moulding (IMD technology). Screen printed and trimmed PC films in size of a €1 coin will be inserted with a Geiger Handling unit into the mould and back moulded with PC/ABS directly onto the ink.

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