Masuri cricket helmet

Thermoplastic compound replaces glass fibre in cricket helmets

  • PC/ABS compound replaces glass fibre in cricket helmets
  • Cooperation between Masuri, BM Injection & A. Schulman

A. Schulman, Inc., a leading supplier of high-performance plastic compounds and resins, has developed a PC/ABS compound to replace fibre glass in sport goods. According to the company, its Perrite division’s Ronfalin C PC/ABS is the first thermoplastic material to replace fibre glass and a Plaster of Paris construction in the shell of the professional Masuri cricket helmets.

“Masuri, the creator of the most widely used professional cricket helmets, approached us with the challenge of developing a “next generation” helmet,” explained Tim Combes, General Manager, B M Injection. “Masuri wanted the new helmet to use the principals of their proven double skin, fibre glass and polyurethane foam sandwich construction. We contacted Perrite, our long-term supplier of engineered materials, knowing that their technical teams could propose the right material to meet these challenging requirements.“

In addition to the PC/ABS compound used for the helmet’s shell, A. Schulman provided BM Injection with a coloured, glass filled polyamide for the rim which is colour matched to the four colours of the helmet’s cloth layer in navy blue, maroon, dark green and black.

The result of the cooperation between raw material producer, BM Injectionand Masuri was a product, which according to the users, looks and feels even better than the original helmet.

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