The artistic side of polyurethane

  • Three-dimensional wall panels made from PU
  • Developed by two internationally renowned designers
  • Easy mounting

The company NMC is specialized in the extrusion of thermoplastic foams. The company employs more than 1,200 people and operates 12 production plants in Europe. The foam products are used for a wide range of applications such as insulation in the packaging and industrial sector. At the recent international trade fair Heimtextil in Frankfurt, the company presented its new Arstyl wall panels, and proved that polyurethane has more to offer than just good insulating properties.

Renowned designers give polyurethane individual flair

As individual wall design has become very trendy, interior designers are faced with the challenge to deliver fresh ideas time and time again. In this context, the three-dimensional wall panels made of polyurethane can be considered as a completely new, modern form of wall decoration.

There are six design variants available, which were jointly developed by two internationally renowned designers. Michaël Bihain, interior designer from Belgium, specialized in the development of home furnishings, accessories and interior design. And Martin Boagers from the Netherlands who knows NMC products already: he created the three-dimensional Rosette cielo a few years ago.

Easy Mounting

The wall panels can be mounted in several different ways: symmetrically or asymmetrically, horizontally or vertically arranged, even free hanging under the ceiling in connection with a corresponding substructure. The panels weigh only 2 kg on average.

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