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PolyOne targets highly specialized industry with microsite


What do have automotive CFRP engineers and cosmetic color professionals in common?
Not so much, at least when it comes to finding product information and inspiration online.

In order to provide relevant information to the fast-moving and highly specialized cosmetics industry, PolyOne has now launched a new microsite at www.colorsperse.com, highlighting its range of silicone colorants. Featuring a fresh look at color and additive dispersions for silicone as well as the latest cosmetics ingredients and global color trends, it provides formulators with valuable online color resources. Visitors are provided with content and insights that help them overcome cosmetic color formulation challenges. For example, several resources explain how to streamline production, accelerate development time and reduce waste. The site also provides information about Colorsperse colorants’ regulatory compliance for foundations, beauty balm / color correcting creams, and lip glosses.

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