Plastic meets design: the TPE power button

  • Extension outlet with TPE power button
  • Elimination of cable clutter
  • UL-listed, thermally stable TPE grade

An elegant extension outlet designed by the Swiss company Punkt demonstrates that everyday objects can be completely transformed by good design. The Italian development partner Rosa Micro contributed to this product with a power button made of the Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE).


Elimination of cable clutter

An elegant solution for eliminating cable clutter is the extension outlet ES 01 which stows all cables and plugs under a rounded cover. And the power strip requires a central power button. In this case the Italian injection molding manufacturer Rosa Micro is using TPE Thermolast K from Kraiburg TPE.

UL-listed, thermally stable TPE grade

The TPE material is easy to color and the power strips are available in the colors black, red and white. Thermolast K compounds are suitable for all conventional manufacturing processes. The material features very good adhesion, and also very good sealing and non-slip properties. Thermolast K is UL-listed, thermally stable and weather resistant, in addition to being free of latex and PVC.

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