MuCell technology helps New Balance running shoes to achieve peak performance

  • New Balance uses Trexel’s MuCell for shoe components
  • Increased cushioning & shock absorbing

Blending the right form, function and materials: running shoe manufacturing is a science. In order to achieve higher performance and fit, running shoe manufacturer New Balance has incorporated Trexel’s Mucell technology in the development of their running shoe components.

The current molding program for mid sole and heel components is incorporated into the production of over one million pairs of running shoes a year, including the running shoes for ultra (long distance) runners. The running shoe designs utilize 3 different forefront parts in 23 sizes along with 2 heel parts in 6 different sizes, all molded with MuCell.

New Balance running shoe

New Balance incorporates MuCell molding technology into multiple components of their running shoe lines.

New Balance has incorporated the MuCell processing technology into their manufacturing process for over 4 years now. This has allowed to customize the designs in order to offer premium cushioning with a reduced amount of material, according to Katherine Petrecca, Strategic Business Unit Manager for New Balance.

“If automotive components can benefit from the shock absorbency features of MuCell why not the human body? For years we have worked with the automotive industry leaders to develop numerous shock absorbing and material lightweighting applications”, according to Steve Braig, President and CEO of Trexel, Inc.


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