Ignition resistant polycarbonate resin for LED lighting applications

  • Transparent grade for lighting with UL 94 rating of V-0 rating at 1.0 mm
  • Total of seven new materials
  • Styron at #Fakuma

At this year’s #Fakuma, Styron Performance Plastics is introducing a total of seven new materials for automotive, medical, lighting, electrical, and consumer applications.

Polycarbonate grade contains no chlorinated/brominated additives

Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology provides manufacturers with a high level of design freedom. To take advantage of this, materials are needed that offer a combination of properties, including good physical properties, good esthetical appearance and ignition resistance.

The new Emerge 8330, an ignition resistant polycarbonate resin that contains no chlorinated or brominated additives, is a transparent grade for lighting applications that features a UL 94 rating of V-0 rating at 1.0 mm. Applications for the material include LED replacement tubes for fluorescent fixtures and lenses for higher voltage LED components.

Another featured material is the Emerge PC/PET 9500 CR advanced resin, a chemical resistant material for medical devices, effective against the nine leading chemical antagonists. The company also showcases improved Magnum ABS resins and Pulse PC/ABS engineering resins for automotive exterior applications. In addition, a PC/ABS resin (Emerge PC/ABS 7700) for powered equipment housings is on display.


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