High-impact PA6 for industrial hammer tips

  • Austmould Pty Ltd. employs PA for tips of industrial deadblow hammers
  • New PA6 features six times higher notched Izod impact strength
  • No need for lengthy post-mold conditioning in water

A toughened polyamide 6 (PA6) compound has enabled custom molder Austmould Pty Ltd. to injection mold tips for industrial deadblow hammers that withstand rigorous impact testing even in their largest sizes and without need for a lengthy post-mold conditioning in water. Austmould uses Chemlon 280 Nylon 6 from Teknor Apex Asia Pacific to produce the tips.

Chemlon 280 nylon 6 compound has a notched Izod impact strength at room temperature (23 ºC) of 1,200 J/m which is more than six times higher than the nylon 6 material Austmould had previously used. The compound is suitable to be used on both its small and large injection molding machines.

Deadblow hammers have tips that prevent damage to parts by absorbing the shock of the blow, while producing less noise than metal-tipped hammers and generating no sparks. Austmould produces 25-, 38-, 50-, and 60-mm diameter nylon 6 tips for a customer’s range of cast aluminum hammers. 


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