E-por foam keeps personal water crafts afloat


Due to the use of the particle foam E-por, Yamaha Motor WaveRunners fulfil the requirements on lightweight and buoyancy according to ISO 13590. The E-por material of BASF is installed in the front and side spaces of the body of the VX700S model by the Japanese manufacturers where it ensures the buoyancy of the PWC (personal water craft) due to its low density. The VX700S at a vessel’s body weight of 240 kilograms is the lightest three-seater PWC model ever built. Despite making up a large proportion of the total volume, the E-por parts account for only 3.3 kilograms of the total weight.

E-por is an expandable interpolymer, based on a complex formulation of different polymers which interact with each other as well as with the blowing agent. It is a crack-resistant particle foam that is very resistant to solvents too. This tough-elastic foam can also be stored, processed, and recycled like Styropor.


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