Bio-hotmelt adhesives please baby bottoms

  • World first bio-hotmelt adhesive with 70% renewable content
  • High potential of being completely biodegradable
  • Applications: packaging & personal hygiene products

The company CPH in Germany has launched an environmentally friendly hotmelt adhesive intended for use in packaging and personal hygiene products, including diapers. Unlike conventional adhesives which are produced based on crude oil, the hotmelt was developed based on renewable materials. The “Commitmelt” adhesive can be considered as a world first.

70% renewable content – high potential of being completely biodegradable

The Essen-based adhesive manufacturer, in cooperation with leading raw materials manufacturers, succeeded in developing a series of hotmelt adhesives that are based up to 70% on renewable content. Furthermore, the first prototype shows high potential of being completely biodegradable, to be more specific “compostable”, which is currently tested by a reputable test institution. An application temperature of about 170°C allows the processing on conventional hotmelt application devices.

Developed for environmentally friendly packaging products

The first bio-hotmelt prototype was developed for the packaging industry for the production of cardboards, boxes and bags. “Due to the world’s great demand for environmentally friendly products, packaging materials do also have to adapt to this trend. We are therefore pleased that we are the first manufacturer who has managed to fill this gap.” says Dr. Gerwin Schuettpelz, owner of CPH.

Besides packaging, possible applications include the bonding of diapers or feminine hygiene products. “Baby bottoms will be pleased as skin irritation can be excluded even further.” Dr. Schuettpelz continues.

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