Chinese railway with Polycarbonate sheets

Polycarbonate sheets for Chinese subway

  • China’s leading public transport manufacturer is using Bayblend and Makrolon sheets
  • Robust sheets can even stand up to vandalism
  • Basically no restrictions in terms of design

In many countries, rail passenger transport is increasing. Rail vehicles require less energy per passenger than cars, trucks and planes, emit less CO2 and help prevent road congestion. One example is the new Line 1 subway in the Chinese development zone of Souzhou. China South Railway, China’s leading public transport manufacturer, is using Bayblend and Makrolon polycarbonate sheets from Bayer MaterialScience for the interior of the railway cars. The flame-retardant products not only ensure passenger safety, they are also lightweight and robust. The two companies collaborated closely during all phases of the project, from material selection all the way through to manufacture. Bayer also helped its Chinese partner optimize the production processes.

Greater design freedom gives rail vehicles a distinctive appearance

In general, polycarbonate sheets from Bayer are extremely robust and can even stand up to vandalism. Their flame retardance meets the requirements of the new EN 45545-2 European fire protection standard for many applications, and the use of these products ensures a high level of safety for passengers. Greater design freedom is another benefit, with virtually no restrictions in terms of shaping, color selection or surface structure. This benefits rail operators looking to give their rail vehicles a distinctive appearance. The plastic components are available in a variety of colors and retain their dimensional stability over a wide temperature range. Their light weight helps reduce both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The company will showcase a wide range of Makrolon and Bayblend polycarbonate granules and sheets at the upcoming #InnoTrans

Picture: Polycarbonate sheets are lightweight and hence ensure a greater energy efficiency of rail vehicles, while at the same time maximizing passenger safety through their flame retardance. (source: China South Railway Nanjing Puzhen)


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