Vinyl powder for automotive interior surfaces


PolyOne Corporation introduced two new formulations for automotive interior surfaces and instrument panels: Geon VBX 3577 vinyl powder for automotive interior surfaces and Geon VBX 3600 series for instrument panels with seamless airbags. Both formulations can deliver cycle time reduction benefits, allowing processors to improve profitability while meeting tough low-temperature OEM performance requirements for slush-moulded automotive interior parts.

During trial testing versus existing materials, both solutions displayed a 15% reduction in cycle time and decreased energy costs, resulting in higher production efficiency. The new materials also provide up to 35% lower scrap rates by enhancing coating consistency, which reduces material bridging and part defects.

VBX 3577 is designed for all automotive interior surfaces that require -30°C temperature performance. VBX 3600 is formulated to meet strict OEM safety standards for instrument panels that require airbag deployment ratings below -36°C. Both materials are available now to customers around the world.

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