Unidirectional inertial lockout


Unidirectional inertial lockout – SPE Automotive finalist 

  • SPE Automotive Innovation Awards Competition 2015 finalist – Category: Safety
  • OEM Make & Model: 2016 Ford Motor Co. Lincoln MKC luxury sedan
  • Tier Supplier/Processor: International Automotive Components Group / West Michigan Molding, Inc.
  • Material Supplier / Toolmaker: Celanese / not stated
  • Material / Process: Celcon LW90-S2 POM / injection molding
  • Description: This console bin door has no latch in the closed position, but a unidirectional inertial lockout feature was implemented to meet FMVSS 201. The lockout’s inertial sensitivity is defined by part geometry, allowing it to be made of any material while maintaining the same inertial properties. A single injection-molded snap-in lever plus felt tape replaced multiple diecast metal components, minimizing testing costs due to compliance the first time, increasing reliability, and saving 7.85 g and $0.84 USD costs vs. the previous metal option.
Unidirectional inertial lockout

Unidirectional inertial lockout (source: SPE)


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