Ultra light carbon fiber helmet

  • Weight of shell reduced by 21%
  • The advantags of TeXtreme technology

The company Bell Helmets has launched its new Pro Star helmet reinforced by TeXtreme. Utilizing the TeXtreme carbon fiber Bell Helmets managed to build the lightest and strongest shells ever.

Weight of shell reduced by 21%

Since 1954, Bell Helmets has been at the forefront of head protection in the world of motorsports. For 2016, Bell set out to reestablish its flagship model in the motorcycle market with the introduction of the Pro Star. Bell sought to reduce the weight of the shell by as much as possible and through incorporating TeXtreme into the layup, the weight of the shell of the Pro Star helmet was reduced by 21% without sacrificing any mechanical properties.

The TeXtreme technology

TeXtreme can be manufactured using many different materials but are mainly produced using HS, IM and HM type carbon fiber.

Spreading carbon fiber tows into tapes

Spread of carbon fibers into tapes

The novel spread process, from a carbon fiber tow into a thin UD tape (©Oxeon 2014)

The Spread Tow UD (Uni-Directional) tapes produced are much thinner than conventional carbon fiber tapes and have more material packed in the same area which gives better mechanical performance.

Advantages of spread tow tapes

Advantages of Textreme technology

Illustration of the benefits of the TeXtreme Spread Tow carbon fiber tapes from conventional carbon fiber tapes (©Oxeon 2014)

The Spread Tow tapes produced can either be used as local reinforcements, or used to weave the Spread Tow fabrics

Wide range of applications for TeXtreme

TeXtreme Spread Tow carbon fiber reinforcements is used in a large number applications such as Formula 1, NASCAR, IndyCar, Le Mans, Bicycles, Ice Hockey, Surfing, Rowing Shells, Golf, Tennis, Skis, Snowboards. Alongside the Sporting Goods industry TeXtreme is also used in a wide variety of Aerospace and Industrial applications.


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