Tablet holder


Tablet holder – SPE Automotive finalist 

  • SPE Automotive Innovation Awards Competition 2015 finalist – Category: Body Interior
  • OEM Make & Model: 2016 Ford Motor Co. Ford Taurus midsize sedan
  • Tier Supplier/Processor: Lumens High Performance Lighting & Lear Corp.
  • Material Supplier / Toolmaker: BASF Corp. & DuPont Automotive / Multiple
  • Material / Process: Delrin 500P POM, Ultramid B3ZG3 PA 6, Santoprene 65M300 TPE, Hostacom ERC 213N TPO, Pro-fax 7823 PP, and Hostacom X M2 U34 PP / injection molding
  • Description: This seat-back mounted tablet docking station and charger allows for smooth, 1-handed loading/unloading of a tablet (or other 12 V-powered devices). The unit meets OEM head-impact requirements (will not fragment or release during impact) and has a range of automatic and synchronized convenience features that are totally new to the tablet holder market. When not in use, the holder rotates downward and stows tightly in the seat back and a tambour door covers the lock if no device is in use.
Tablet holder

Tablet holder (source: SPE)

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