Sinks for LED: thermoplastics replace aluminium


Vossloh Schwabe has developed a new range of heat sinks for LED lighting systems using Laticonther 62 GR/50, a specially designed PA6-based thermally conductive material from company Lati

The material allows effective cooling of electronic components and LEDs due to a special graphite added to the compound in a quantity of 50% by weight, and featuring a structure that allows preferential heat transfer paths. The chosen compound features a thermal conductivity of about 10 w/mK, which is lower than that of aluminum, but sufficient for a specially configured solution.

The use of injection molded thermoconductive resins allows to obtain very complex shapes and high dimensional accuracy, thus making the assembly process of finished product more efficient. The base resin was chosen in cooperation with Vossloh Schwabe bearing in mind that the primary objective is the proper and smooth filling of mold cavities operating under non-extreme conversion conditions.

In general, heat sinks made of thermally conductive resin are used to replace conventional halogen or fluorescent lamps for public, corporate, commercial or domestic use (residential or furniture).

The heat sinks for LED of company Vossloh Schwabe use thermally conductive material from company Lati (photo: LATI Industria Termoplastici) 

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