SGL Group starts production of thermoplastic-compatible carbon fibers

  • Combination of carbon fiber properties and thermoplastic processing advantages
  • Focus on automotive industry

At the end of June, SGL Group started production of thermoplastic-compatible carbon fibers at its Muir of Ord site in Scotland. The heavy tow carbon fiber SIGRAFIL C 50k has already been exhibited at this year’s JEC Composites Show in Paris and, after the Show, the company received the first orders, according to SGL Group. The new production start-up will initially service orders from the automotive industry.

Thermoplastic carbon fiber composites combine the properties of carbon fibers with the typical processing advantages of thermoplastics. They can be shaped, recycled, and produced in short cycles. As a result, they offer new possibilities for serial production. Only if the carbon fibers can be firmly bonded to the thermoplastic matrix, as it is the case with these newly developed fibers, their high stiffness and strength can be fully transmitted to the finished components. SGL Group has developed a special surface system (sizing) for this purpose. Other sizing systems, e.g. for high-temperature applications, are at the development stage.

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