Sekisui Plastics introduces new heat-resistant foam grade

  • Proprietary polystyrene/polyolefin hybrid foam technology
  • Part weight reduction of 20-40%
  • Application: automotive interior parts

Sekisui Plastics USA has introduced a new grade of moldable foam resin, a hybrid of styrenic and olefin components. The new Piocelan T is composed of a higher heat olefin component than previous grades, featuring increased elevated temperature stability along with higher compressive, flexural and tensile strength. It is designed to meet the stringent flammability requirements for automotive interior parts.

Proprietary polystyrene/polyolefin hybrid foam technology

Using Sekisui Plastics’ proprietary polystyrene/polyolefin hybrid foam technology, Piocelan T uses a polyolefin type that is difficult to expand together with polystyrene because of drastically different viscosities at molten temperatures. The company uses a special processing technique to produce and expand the hybrid composition. This technique yields foam beads that are easily molded into foam parts that have an exceptional combination of properties.

This multipurpose automotive trunk insert

This multipurpose automotive trunk insert is made of Sekisui Plastics’ Piocelan T moldable foam resin.

Part weight reduction of 20-40%

Foam parts molded using Piocelan T, such as trunk spacers and insert cushions, offer advantages over parts made with existing hybrid foam materials. For example, the part weight can be reduced by approximately 20-40% resulting in lower vehicular mass. Part size can also be reduced because of the higher strength properties, which contribute to a more spacious interior in the automobile. And, because a lower mass of foam material is needed, due to lower foam density and reduced part size, part cost can be reduced as well.

As the production of Piocelan T requires a slightly different processing technique than previous Piocelan grades, the company recently completed the necessary process upgrades and improvements at its resin production facility in Tennessee. Sekisui also installed molding capability for Piocelan T at its Tennessee molding facility and is planning to install the same capability at its new Kenton, Ohio plant set to begin operations in the spring of 2015.

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