RTP Company expands thermoplastic compounding facility in Mexico

  • Pultrusion line to produce VLF (Very Long Fiber) compounds
  • Strong demand from automotive industry

RTP Company has installed a new state-of-the-art pultrusion line and is now producing Very Long Fiber (“VLF”) compounds at its facility in Monterrey, Mexico. This newest VLF manufacturing location in North America will support regional demand while providing a consistent supply near the company’s global customers operating in Mexico, Brazil, and other South and Central American countries.

The increasing demand for VLF compounds based on polypropylene, nylon, and other engineering thermoplastics stems in part from the automotive industry’s need for lightweight material options to meet fuel efficiency regulations. The company has developed VLF compounds that can be used to create injection-molded parts that rival heavier counterparts such as die cast metal alloys and parts made with short fiber compounds. For instance, using VLF compounds based on polypropylene rather than short fiber polyamide compounds can result in a density reduction greater than 10%, according to the company.

With the new installation, RTP Company now manufactures VLF compounds in Mexico, Minnesota, Indiana, Germany, and China. These locations are part of the company’s global network of 12 production facilities.

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