Release agent-free PU foaming with PURe Liner


Frimo announced that it has secured new automotive business contracts with Ford Motor Co. and Mercedes-Benz  in North America employing its PURe Liner, a product that offers new processing opportunities to achieve release agent-free production of polyurethane (PU) foamed interior components.

Because reactive polymers, such as polyurethanes, exhibit extremely strong adhesion to metallic materials, appropriate measures are required in order to remove foamed articles from the mold without damaging them. Up to now, these measures , e.g. the use of external release agents, have created a number of disadvantages.

The PURe Liner is a semi-permanent mold liner made of a self-releasing plastic compound. Patented by a German partner company, this process has been further developed by Frimo with regard to the front-foaming (partial back-foaming of inserted substrates) of polyurethanes. Due to its unique material composition, the PURe Liner permits low demolding forces while remaining in the mold cavity.

The PURe Liner is fitted over the complete surface of the mold and is held in place via vacuum and can be easily replaced within 15 seconds. The use of PURe Liner can not only eliminate the need for a release agent station but it can also reduce cycle times, cut labor costs and eliminate the need for additional molds. In addition, the PURe Liner allows surface textures to be applied directly in the injection molded liner process, which is then transferred to the polyurethane molded article.

The company will be presenting two technical papers on automotive developments in the area of PU processing at the 2014 UTECH North America conference. The topic: ‘Seating Systems, and Novel Process for Eliminating Mold Releases’

Frimo PURe Liner development tool (photo: Frimo)


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