Reactive Gas Technology for automotive plastics


Inhance Technologies, a leader in enhanced barrier and surface modification technology, has introduced its Reactive Gas Technology to the automotive industry through the establishment of its Automotive Business Unit.

Inhance Technologies’ proprietary Reactive Gas Technology permanently modifies surface properties of a wide variety of materials. The process results in tenacious adhesion, maximizing the bonding of water-based coatings and adhesives for interior and exterior applications, and eliminates the need for adhesion promoters. The technology can also be tailored to increase lubricity, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, or to impart fuel and solvent barrier properties on the treated part.

The surface modification can be very rapid, often only a few seconds, which enables processing to be done continuously in-line, leading to reduced cycle times. The technology offers an alternative to chemical adhesion promoters and solvent based systems and is an economical alternative to current processes such as flame, plasma, or corona treatments. Inhance can perform services on-site at customer facilities or off-site at any of their numerous and strategically located manufacturing facilities throughout the United States and Mexico.

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