Polycarbonate glazing in NYC taxicab


Teijin Limited announced that Nissan Motor Company is using plastic glazing made of Teijin’s Panlite polycarbonate (PC) resin for the driver-passenger partition in its new NV200 taxicabs.

The plastic glazing, jointly developed with Nissan Shatai Co. Ltd., is achieved by molding Panlite PC resin using the world’s first three-dimensional thick-wall injection-press technology developed by Teijin. The glazing is then hard-coated with Teijin’s three-dimensional double-sided flow-coating technology. The result is a smooth, distortion-free surface, which could not be achieved with conventional thick-wall PC molding, it is said.

In New York City, a vast majority of taxis are equipped with driver-passenger partitions for enhanced in-vehicle security. The partitions are generally made from acrylic resin, which is flammable and has low resistance to impact.

To meet the growing demand for PC glazing, Teijin will begin commercial production of PC glazing parts in Japan. Molding will be handled at the Mihara Plant in Hiroshima Prefecture and hard-coating at the Matsuyama Plant in Ehime Prefecture. Teijin aims to achieve PC glazing sales of JPY 10 billion (nearly USD 100 million) per annum by fiscal 2019.



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