RW (Reflective White) polycabonate grades for automotive applications

  • RW (Reflective White) polycarbonate grades for improved reflectivity
  • Moulded-in color to eliminate costly secondary operations
  • Applications: reflector housings, mixing chambers, end plates

Because of its sustainability, LED lighting is gaining popularity in living rooms, offices and automotive. To meet the demand for improved reflectivity to optimize light output, the company Bayer MaterialScience LLC has developed new reflective white (RW) polycarbonate grades.

The new Makrolon RW2405 and Makrolon RW6265X polycarbonate grades offer high diffusive reflectivity and moulded-in color to eliminate costly secondary operations such as plating, painting and coating. Both grades have a UL flame class rating of V-0 at 1.5 mm and RTI values of 125°C (Electrical), 115°C (Mechanical with Impact) and 125°C (Mechanical without Impact). Makrolon RW2405 polycarbonate has a UL 94 flame class rating of V-2 at 1.5 mm and is also available in an ltraviolet- (UV) stabilized grade. The other new grade, Makrolon RW6265X polycarbonate, is very suitable for applications that require more stringent flame resistance ratings and is also available in a UV-stabilized grade.

In general, RW polycarbonate grades featuring up to 96 percent reflectance are available and can be used for a variety of injection moulding applications such as reflector housings, mixing chambers, and end plates for the automotive and lighting (luminaires and replacement bulbs) markets. Development extrusion grades for profile and tube applications are also available.

Pictures: Applications for the new Makrolon RW polycarbonate grades include reflectors for automotive lighting and components for replacement lamps and luminaires (source: Bayer MaterialScience LLC)

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